Website Update

Dear All

Keep an eye on the website as I think almost everything is in now.

I’ve added the separate parts for Missa Brevis for note bashing purposes, but there are also Jonathan’s recording to guide how it should be sung, with suitable shaping.

There are bound to be mistakes in the Musescore versions as there were so many notes to transcribe, so hope there’s nothing too off-putting.  Hilary has been keeping an eye on them and pointing out what she found to need correction, but do mention any serious howlers.

We are planning to make changes to the website so there’s an introductory page to introduce the Orwell Singers, what we do and when. The music recordings will be moved to password protected pages, with a password that’s not too exotic or forgettable.  This will prevent non members from getting free access to what might be sensitive in any way.