Rehearsal 1 July

From Jonathan


Dear people,

We’re almost there! We have one more regular rehearsal this coming Monday and then our concert day is that next Friday. Thank you for all your hard work on this programme.

This Monday we will aim to rehearse as much of the programme as possible. My goal is to get to everything, but it’s possible that we might not depending on how our run-throughs go. I’ll start with the less familiar music, such as the Credo and Sanctus and then aim to rehearse the other bits and bobs of the concert aside from the Mass to brush off any dust from them.

I plan to rehearse soloists the last 20 minutes of our rehearsal (9:10–9:30) so will aim to end our full rehearsal around 9:05 to give time for announcements. Because of the earlier release I won’t be giving you a break at our normal time (sorry!).

Looking forward to it!



Dear soloists,

I plan on rehearsing solos the last 20 minutes of rehearsal on Monday. We’ll start with the Benedictus, which includes all of you. After that, I’ll do the shorter Gloria/Credo solos and end with Simon’s Et in Spiritum. Feel free to slip out once we’ve finished your solo.

I know we’ll be missing a couple of our altos, but could you please let me or Katie know if you won’t be there? You’ll all have a chance to do your solos with the strings on the concert day rehearsal. Thank you!