Rehearsal 22 April

Here’s Jonathan’s plan for the next rehearsal.

  • Ave Verum Corpus
  • Cantique de Jean Racine
  • Missa Brevis
    • Sanctus
    • Agnus Dei
    • Credo up to bar 60

The website now has his recordings of the Credo, split into parts from bars 1 to 60 then the remainder. These are in the menu page Missa Brevis – Recordings by Jonathan. The other Missa Brevis page has the transcriptions done in Musescore as an aid to note bashing.

Jonathan added this note to everyone.

Dear people,

Many thanks for the effort you’ve put into preparing for our open rehearsal last Monday. I was happy to see some new faces, and even more so knowing that some of them will be joining us! With just our summer concert ahead of us we can really focus on the music for that. 

This coming Monday we’ll work on Cantique for a good chunk of the rehearsal to brush off some dust it may have accumulated. We’ll also start chipping away at the Credo from the Mass. Like the Gloria, it is divided into several choral sections, but without as many interjecting solos. I’ve just sent part tracks for the Credo to David to put on the website, so be on the lookout for your practice. 

Thanks again for your lovely singing and commitment. Looking forward to the rest of the term!