Additions to Orwell Singers Website

Dear All

With Jeannie’s help we now have most of the music for this term installed on the website,

Included are

  • YouTube videos for several songs
  • Separate videos of scores with volumes for S, A, T and B raised separately, created in Musescore to help learning your part
  • For some songs, Jonathan’s sound recordings separately emphasising S, A, T and B parts
  • For others, mp3 files from Musescore, again emphasising parts

For the sound recordings there’s a mixture that play on the pages, and others that can be downloaded.  The stats show that several people have done downloads and I’ll check on Monday if this is the generally preferred way, or if playing on the website only is acceptable.

I keep mentioning Musescore, which is a wonderful music composition programme that’s entirely free for downloading. It’s great for practising, including allowing you to

  • see the music playing
  • change the volumes of individual parts
  • change the tempos
  • highlight sections to repeat over and over until they sink in
  • correct inevitable mistakes!

I’ll happily provide some basic instructions on using the programme so it’s not too daunting, and send copies of all the Musescore files. You just have to say.