Rehearsal Schedules

In the rehearsal today, Monday 16 October, Jonathan wants to go through as much of the programme as possible.

Here are all of the revoicings and cuts for Oklahoma (bars in different copies are ordered blue/purple). If anybody wants to try out for solos tonight please stay after rehearsal for a few minutes!

Oklahoma (bb. 17–72)
S/A sing with T/B bar 17–23
S/A sing with T/B bar 33–39
S/A sing with T/B bar 56–65

Surrey with the Fingerprints (!) on Top (bb. 75–110)
A/T sing with S/B at bar 91–98 (no Oos)
Everybody sing D–A (soprano notes) in bar 98
T/B sing with S/A bar 99–106

Kansas City

I Cain’t Say No

Many a New Day/People Will Say We’re In Love
No revoicings, but CUT from bar 306/308–321/323

Oklahoma Reprise
Same revoicings as beginning, everybody on their own parts bar 375/377–end.