Lead Balloon

Jubilate Deo via YouTube

Dear All

My latest wheeze is to produce videos of our sings on YouTube, like this.  They come from the music composition software I’ve been using for learning, called Musescore.

It’s free and you can download it here https://musescore.org/en, with nice practice features like

  • change individual part volumes
  • put in repeats so it keeps playing the same bit over and over
  • sometimes get free prerecorded pieces if someone has already loaded them up

Otherwise it’s a case of keying everything in, either note by note or using the built-in keyboard.  It’s amazing software for the (lack of) money.

I’ve done a complete set of our Christmas concert pieces, not guaranteed to be 100% accurate but pretty close.  Anyone who wants to give it all a go is welcome to have copies.

Back to the splendid recordings Jacquie has provided, available on the website, if you find that the website links aren’t giving the part you’re expecting then please email me so I can fix them.

Just remember that to find the website you need to put orwellsingers.co.uk into the address bar of your Internet browser, not into the Google search box.  It takes a while for Google to index new sites so searching this way won’t yet find our site.