Freddie Mercury

I meant to add something about Freddie Mercury because he was such an extraordinary talent.

He was born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar on 5 September 1946  to Parsi-Indian parents.  They fled the Zanzibar Revolution in 1964 and come to England, where he formed Queen in 1970

His voice range was an astonishing 4 octaves, like David Bowie (and maybe Calum??), hence the number of red ‘out of normal range’ notes in our Musescore parts.  The Live Aid concert in Wembley Stadium in July 1985 was said to be one of the greatest ever staged. There was unanimous agreement that Queen’s 21-minute performance stole the whole show.

The 2019 film Bohemian Rhapsody followed Queen’s evolution to their becoming one of the best groups ever.  It’s well worth a watch.

The group’s agent at the time of creating Bohemian Rhapsody wanted nothing to do with it.  He said it was much too long at over 6 minutes and wouldn’t stand a chance.  How much he must have regretted that when they switched agents and it became a world-wide hit.

Freddie Mercury was a very complex character and this got the better of him in the end, dying prematurely of AIDS in 1991.